Established 1950, Re-established 2020.

Character. Culture. Community.

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An enduring vision of modern

Glen Lennox was founded in 1950 by William Muirhead, a visionary entrepreneur
and developer who believed in the power of modern design to impact and improve
society. Nearly 70 years later, we’re restoring and evolving this historic community with unrivaled residential, retail and office settings in the heart of Chapel Hill.

What’s Happening

Our location is right in the heart of one of the most dynamic, exciting areas in the nation, so there’s always something to see and do. Check out the latest from our neighborhood, our residents and the Glen Lennox community.

Lifting Walls and a Family’s Spirits

Buzzing saws and clanging hammers in the Northside Neighborhood aren’t just construction noise—they’re the sound of the American dream coming true for the Zaw Moe and his family. When Zaw Moe arrived in the U.S. in 2005 as a refugee

Join in the Spirited Fun of the Glen Lennox Halloween Contest

Every year, Glen Lennox residents embrace the community’s annual tradition of decorating their door and donning costumes to celebrate Halloween. This year, we’re upping the stakes with a contest to award a prize for the best costume and best front


In the heart of Chapel Hill, America's most livable city

Glen Lennox is being redefined and reborn as the epicenter of Chapel Hill's vibrant culture. New development and upgrades to existing infrastructure will enhance access to the University of North Carolina and neighboring cities.
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