Copenhagenize Glen Lennox Report 1 June 2018-ALL-optimized - page 97

Fordham Boulevard, or North Carolina State Road 15-501, is a major
road managed by the North Carolina Department of Transportation
(NCDOT) that was identified as one of the most significant barriers to
Glen Lennox residents and surrounding neighbors. Residents especially
mentioned the lack of protected crossing opportunities along the entire
Glen Lennox site and beyond, which force pedestrians and bicycle users
to dash across fast moving vehicular lanes in two intervals and waiting
on the median in the interim. While the development agreement
currently ensures the construction of one light-phased crossing, the per-
meability analysis suggests that there would optimally be seven further
crossings. As this number of at-grade crossings is unrealistic due to the
constraints with NCDOT, there is the potential for further innovative
crossings in the form of pedestrian and bicycle tunnels, similar to the
tunnel below Raleigh Road along the Meadowmont Trail. The establish-
ment of such further connections is vital as the majority of destinations
in Chapel Hill lie to the west of Fordham Boulevard. Creating more con-
nections across the road is a key intervention to making Glen Lennox a
truly bikeable community within the greater Chapel Hill municipality.
While Fordham Boulevard along the northern portion of the site is a
perceptual and safety barrier that cannot be crossed by residents
of all ages and abilities, it is, to a certain extent, still possible to cross
(albeit harrowing). On the southern stretch of the Glen Lennox site, the
intensity of the Fordham Boulevard barrier is increased by the presence
of additional physical land use barriers in the form the Raleigh Road
interchange and the Brookdale Meadowmont grounds. As a result, this
creates a stretch of nearly 650 ft of impermeable land that forces pedes-
trians to take exhaustive detours to either cross Fordham Boulevard at
Brandon Road or Raleigh Road. Finding solutions to this major barrier
will be an essential factor in paving the way for Glen Lennox’s future as
a bicycle and pedestrian friendly community, because the creation of
connections westwards towards Chapel Hill’s downtown and UNC will
connect residents towards many important destinations.
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Raleigh Rd.
Raleigh Rd.
Fordham Blvd.
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