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Glen Lennox is a truly unique environment, representing one of the first mid-century modern planned communities in the
country. Erected in 1950 at the start of America’s “Golden Age,” the 140-acre development was a thriving center of living,
shopping and industry for its 1,200 residents, the University of North Carolina and the Town of Chapel Hill.
Led by Grubb Properties, Glen Lennox’s revival is inspired by and pays tribute to the history and personality of the mid-
century modern theme and the indoor-outdoor lifestyle that define the neighborhood. Featuring open design concepts, tasteful
architecture and a network of connected greenspaces, Glen Lennox will lead the future of Chapel Hill with an unrivaled retail,
office and living setting that pays homage to the property’s unique and storied past.
Grubb Properties and Copenhagenize Design Co. have developed a partnership to analyze and understand how Glen Lennox
might become a less car-oriented community in the future. With the help of the recommendations in this report, Glen Lennox
can return to its leadership position as one of the town’s most innovative properties. This is consistent with the community’s
original philosophy – to provide a diverse, functional district built on a human scale that incorporates lessons learned from
advances in contemporary urban planning.
Michael Seth Wexler
- urban designer/project lead
James Thoem
- urban planner
Lukas Stevens
- cartography & data analysis
Lorenz Siegel
- cartography, graphics & layout
Kat Gowland
- graphics & writing
Kara Martin
- writing & research
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