Copenhagenize Glen Lennox Report 1 June 2018-ALL-optimized - page 11

Enter Chapel Hill – the Glen Lennox neigh-
borhood development is poised to be a
national leader by integrating innovative
housing and transportation solutions that
aim at enhancing resident quality of life and
attracting future residents. The redevelop-
ment of Glen Lennox plans on increasing
local density, offering more commercial and
retail mixed-use spaces, and improving sus-
tainable transportation options within the
neighborhood. The Chapel Hill 2020 Com-
prehensive Plan has identified the redevel-
opment of Glen Lennox as an important
partnership (capital improvement project)
to diversify Town opportunities and facili-
tate community connectivity. Glen Lennox
has set a bold goal for the neighborhood to
achieve 50% of trips by transit, walk, and
bike by 2030. It is Glen Lennox’s mission to
become the most bicycle-friendly neighbor-
hood in the Carolinas.
In this report, Grubb Properties and Copen-
hagenize Design Co. will put forward
analyses and recommendations for Glen
Lennox to incorporate innovative design
solutions that aim to:
Make the community a safe place for
all ages and abilities to ride a bicycle
Improve access to local sustainable
modes of transportation
Enhance connectivity to the rest of
Chapel Hill and the surrounding
Through the gradual implementation of
these concepts and designs, residents will
have more dedicated biking, walking, transit,
and combined transportation options to
major destinations within Chapel Hill and
the Triangle Region. In partnership with the
Town of Chapel Hill, Glen Lennox is leading
transformative solutions in the region and
will be a national example for future devel-
opment projects.
Glen Lennox was ahead of the curve
when it built its first homes in the 1950s.
Today, the community strives to redefine
itself and again be a forward-thinking
neighborhood for a modern generation.
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